In 2012, Antonio came to start Escargot in Merida and set up his bakery at the first location which is on Calle 58 between 57 and 59.  At Escargot he offers both traditional Mexican bread and French bread.  From the very beginning, Escargot was a hit with both the French community living in Merida as well as the locals. They make sure to have the freshest and highest quality flour. They have fused some of the French pastries with Mexican flavors such as the variant of the French raisin roll made with coconut, cranberries or Nutella with nuts and the cinnamon roll made with Xtabentún (Yucatecan liqueur). ​

In 2013 they opened a branch in Itzimná and in 2016  Escargot Rustico opened its doors where they also offer delicious breakfasts such as croque monsieur, chilaquiles, and sandwiches. At the Santiago location, the head baker is from Pomuch which is a town known for generations of bakers who bake incredible traditional bread in wood-fired stone furnaces. They make many types of traditional breads that are popular in both Campeche and Merida. ​

Since opening, they have had many successes such as being featured in Canaimpa Magazine as one of the best bakeries in Mexico. They were also mentioned in Vogue Mexico when they did a piece on Merida. And apart from the business of baking, Escargot is also active in community outreach.  During the holiday season, they participate in a charity fundraiser called Three Kings of Orient where they collect toys and donate bread and money to low-income children. They also support organizations that aid children and women with cancer. They have been recognized by the government, organizations, and other companies for their altruistic work as well.


They are a local bakery and café that is definitely worth checking out when in Merida!


There are 4 locations:

Escargot Rústico: Calle 68 x 57 y 59

Calle 58 x 57 y 59 Centro 

Calle 1H #129 x 12 y 14 Itzimná

Escargot Panaderia Francesa

The Art of Baking Mexican & French Breads

Owner of Escargot Panaderia Francesa, Antonio Trujillo got his start learning how to make French bread with his friend Nico, 10 years ago in a bakery called El Horno Mágico in San Cristobal, Chiapas. However, that wasn’t his first experience in baking. He remembers when he was young he would help his grandmother in her kitchen as she baked traditional Mexican bread. After school he would go out and sell the bread in his neighborhood. Little did he know that it was those days--where he found his hair filled with flour after his grandmother had him kneading dough--, that the baker’s seed was planted within him. It would lead him to what today is his passion and fuels his entrepreneurial spirit. 

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