The Yucatan state plan proposal is put in place to bring assistance to working mothers, parents with children in the household that have lost their jobs, those who work for themselves and who have lost their income, and all those who have an income from their companies and have been affected by the contingency plan. He hopes that when this finishes, we can get back to business as easily as possible. He also stated that they are working to make sure no one lacks the basic needs.


The plan presented to the State Congress includes the following:


1.            Employee insurance during March and April for those who have lost their jobs or those who work for themselves

2.            Food support for 175,000 low income families twice a month for the next two months

3.            Support to get subsidized housing

4.            Financial support for the Tourism and Restaurant sector to protect those employed.

5.            Direct financial support for fisherman to stimulate the economy of the small fishing villages.

6.            Direct support and credit for the agricultural farmers

7.            Credit for women and entrepreneurs with zero interest and 3 months free of payment

8.            Grant program for raw material and buying products from artisans and entrepreneurs


To support the companies and offices so that they don’t have to fire their employees:

1.            A line of credit for 460 million pesos for companies through the program Boost Yucatan (Impulse Yucatan)

2.            Discounts on employee tax during March and April

3.            100% fiscal stimulus tax relief for accommodations during the months of March to June.

4.            100% fiscal stimulus for professional work during the months of March and April

5.            100% fiscal tax stimulus for income coming from business activities during the months of March and April

6.            The State Government will invest $1,700 million pesos en public works when the contingency plan is over to stimulate the economy.


Mauricio Vila states that his administration is doing all they can to make sure the citizens have the financial support they can; however, it is exceedingly important that the Federal Government also have a plan that will contribute to helping each individual State. He also makes a plea to the all the congressmen and women in Yucatan to please pass this economic stimulus plan as soon as possible.  

Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Announces

plan to stimulate economy During Covid 19 

Mauricio Vila went live Friday, March 27 at 8pm to give the community an update on what his administration is doing to support all Yucatecans and residents of Yucatan who are suffering economically during this quarantine. He presented his “State Plan to Stimulate the Economy, Employment and Health of Yucatecans” to the State Congress. He is hoping that some economic relief can get to the citizens as quickly as possible. ​

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