After I finished my ginger tea, they then opened the doors to an outdoor patio with four thermal and medicinal dipping spa pools as well as a biomagnetic pyramid pool with five quartzes to create a biomagnetic energy and cellular cleanse. Hanging from the trees outside are small herb gardens where they grow Arnica, Rosemary, and alhucema to use in the baths. Each bath is a tea of sorts with one of the above-mentioned herbs. I went into the massage room at the end of the garden to change into my swimming suit and when I was ready, I started my two hour relaxing and stress clearing spa treatment. 


I spent twenty minutes in each bath the water slightly colored from one of the herbs mentioned above and the temperature of the water is 34 degrees Celsius or 93 Fahrenheit. They explained the arnica bath is for treating muscular aches, joint pain and it serves as an anti-inflammatory. The Rosemary bath is to stimulate the skin, is an antioxidant and helps to release anxiety and stress. The alhucema bath works to stimulate white cell activity in order to promote healing. I was even given a glass of wine to help relieve some of my tension. After my smaller baths, I went to the pyramid crystal bath used for cellular harmony and balance and DNA Activation. It was a bit cold so my body took a few minutes to get used to but it honestly, it felt absolutely incredible. It stimulated my body and I felt a burst of energy.  Following the cold crystal water pool, I went to have a cleansing ceremony with the Mayan Healer Tiburcio who spent about 45 minutes with me, doing a complete Mayan ritual including giving thanks to the elements, smudging all my impurities and identifying that I have gastritis. I felt completely relaxed and what the Shaman did jumped started some major internal healing...not sure what but something definitely shifted for the better, I had to sit down for about 10 minutes afterwards. ​

The idea to embark on this spa endeavor came when owners Paola and Felipe, young ambassadors for Mexican culture at the time, were working alongside Dr. Elizabeth Torres investigator for UNESCO and the OEA. Dr. Torres had been developing the idea of promoting the prehispanic medicine and healing water spas which were very much still alive in indigenous cultures around the world, including Mexico. The concept is to raise awareness that these traditions have not died, on the contrary, the indigenous medicinal and spiritual practices are very much alive. Paola and Felipe along with partners Mario and Alfredo decided to embark on this endeavor in the heart of the Mayan world. In Yucatan, the Mayan people continue to honor their traditions. There are many villages in this state where people do not speak Spanish very well, they speak Yucatec Maya and there are many traditional healers in those communities. The scientific medical community recognizes and validates the healing powers of these Mayan doctors and medicinal plants and many have a license to practice through the IMSS, the Mexican Institute of Social Security.  However, they do not receive much support from the community that tends to trust more in Western medicine and get little financial support from the government. The younger generations have also become less and less interested in learning how to work with the native plants and the Mayan healing practices, so slowly this wealth of wisdom is at risk of being lost. Neek´Ich Casa del Agua works hand in hand with the Mayan doctors to promote them and assist by giving them a space to practice their work as well in diffusing their knowledge and value to the local and international community.​

Apart from the water therapy and Mayan ritual healings, Neek’Ich offers many services including mud therapy--which I did on my face, but usually it is done on the whole body--reflexology, massages, relaxation rooms and they will soon be opening up a restaurant specializing in vegan and vegetarian meals. My experience at Neek’ick was unique and truly healing. Through these unique spa treatments, we get a window into the Mayan culture and it gives us the opportunity to learn and be a part of their ancient wisdom. 


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Neek 'Ich Casa del Agua 

Maya-Mexica Holistic Spa Experience In Merida

About a month ago, I was invited to experience Neek Ich Casa del Agua . It is located in a colonial home on Calle 66 between 59 and 61 and was told it was a unique concept of spa and to bring my swimming suit. As I walked through the doors, I was greeted by a young woman in a white long dress and I could smell the faint aroma of burning copal, a prehispanic resin used to cleanse the body and spirit. We entered into the second room, the red room, I was served ginger tea and they sat me down and explained that this Casa del Agua, House of Water which is a holistic experience based on Mayan-Mexica traditional medicine, sanctifying baths and the importance of the elements. Neek means seed and Ich means eye in Maya. So the name Neek ‘Ich means iris or seed of the eye. The function of the seed of the eye in Mayan culture is to control the amount of light that makes vision possible. Neek Ich bases its philosophy on the shamanic teaching of principals and values that allows us to understand that everything is interrelated--from the spiritual to the physical and biological--shaping the unity between humanity and the natural world. Therefore this spa offers much more than just relaxing physical treatments, it invokes the healing power of water. It heals from the inside out. 

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