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Five ALMOST Free Things to Do in Merida, Yucatan

By Harriet Sleath Mérida is a city that has so much to offer, so many surprises and hidden gems to be uncovered. She’s a city full of heart and character. From the colourful streets to the people who live here. There is always, always, something going on in and around Mérida and, what’s even better, is many of these won’t break the bank. Here are Mid CityBeat’s recommendations for 5 almost free activities which you can do in the White City at any time of year.​

Valladolid’s Newest Attraction:Choco-Story Museum Chocolate’s Enchanting Journey through History

Last weekend, my mother, aunt and I visited Valladolid and the newest addition to this charming historical town: the Choco-Story Museum. It’s in the heart of the city right off the main plaza. I suppose it was my deep and melodious voice that inspired my student and manager at Choco-Story, to contract me to do the English language narration voiceover guide for this new museum. So of course, I had to show off to my family and take them there so my voice could guide them through the fascinating historical journey on which chocolate has traveled. ​

FEB 23 7pm SoHo Galleries Shows Appreciation for10 Years on the Merida Art Scene

In December 2018, during the opening ceremonies for the Noche Blanca, a night celebrating the arts in Merida, SoHo Galleries was honored by Mayor Renan Barrera with an award for contributing and facilitating the arts in Merida for 10 years. SoHo Galleries now invites the public to celebrate that 10-year anniversary on February 23rd.  Festivities begin at 7pm. ​

Featured Artist: Alfredo Romero CamposHomage to Mexico's Modern History

Not too long ago I passed by my friend Alfredo Romero Campo’s studio to have a chat, drink some wine and play with his cats. Oh, and of course check out his latest work that he will be sending off to Los Angeles for the LA Art Show happening Jan 23-27. As I walk in, Alfredo greets me as his mom, who is visiting from Spain, is reading her book and his father and employee are busy packing up his artwork which is being shipped both nationally and internationally. The first piece I see as I walk into his workshop is a huge placard that says “MORENA” the political party of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, (aka AMLO) Mexico’s recently elected controversial and popular president.  Alfredo looks at me, smiles and said: “Guess where that’s going?”  Yep, to AMLO.  A friend of the President commissioned Campos to rescue two Morena placard off the streets.  They will be a gift to the new commander- in- chief. ​


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