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Written by guest columnist Harriet Sleath


There are so many different varieties of delicious Mexican dishes. As a foreigner it’s often difficult to remember what is what and therefore ordering can be far from simple. Chilakillers offers a solution to this potential problem. Pretty much the only thing you can eat here is a customised bowl of chilaquiles (pronounced "chee-lah-KEE-les"), one of my favourite Mexican dishes.


Best described as Mexican comfort food, chilaquiles generally consists of tortillas (often left over from previous meals), softened with a salsa and served with some meat. Aside from being a tasty option, it’s also a great hangover cure!


At Chilakillers, one can ‘arm’ one’s chilaquiles however one wishes. Firstly, you choose between yellow and blue tortillas. Then you choose your sauce from about 6 options and finally a topping. Topping possibilities include chicken, poc-chuc or arrachera. There are additional toppings such as a fried egg or extra avocado. It can be messy and almost unattractive once you’ve mixed it all up (which is how I’ve been advised to eat it) but it's a really great way to experience a true Mexican dish.


Chilakillers is a small space with only about 8 or 9 tables but it never feels crowded. The decoration is fresh and tranquil. Each table is adorned with flowers and a very cute, angry, woolly cactus, which is a very individual touch. Preparation of the chilaquiles is speedy so one is never waiting for very long and the presentation is beautifully simple and Mexican.


There’s a light lunch option for those who don’t fancy an entire bowl of totopos. For $69 pesos, one can have a bowl half the size and a side drink. This is a really good option as the full sized bowls can be deceivingly filling. The juices are super refreshing which complement a potentially heavy lunch. The staff are very chilled and were helpful in explaining the menu to us the first time we visited.


The menu might seem small but it’s all about doing one thing right. And Chilakillers has very much got it right when it comes to chilaquiles.


Need to know info:

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9.00-17.00, Sunday 9.00-15.00

Address: Calle 57 No. 498 A x 56 y 58 Col. Centro

Contact: 999 177 9208


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