At MID CityBeat we promote all things cool and worth promoting in Yucatan. We pride ourselves in showcasing local talent, cuisine, art, and culture. It is hard to see so many of those we work with and promote go from normalcy one week to the brink of closure or total bankruptcy the next, Literally, within 3-4 days things have been turned upside down and it's hard to imagine what a month of this will bring (not to mention the very serious health concerns)! This whole ordeal is a mess and we just have to brace ourselves and accept the situation and do our part to uplift those around us and stay safe and healthy.​

We at MID CityBeat want to make sure that in the crisis we are all healthy and that we continue to support the local economy. One of the wonderful things about living in Merida is that the majority of businesses are locally owned—some are huge million dollars outfits employing hundreds or thousands of people, others are mom & pop shops just working daily to bring ya great service and pay their bills. All of them put their heart and soul into their business (believe me when I go to promote them they sit me down and tell me the whole’s beautiful to be a part of). So let’s be sure to continue supporting them as times get tough and we are mostly staying home.


We will be informing you about all the places that are taking extra precautions and extremely hygienic and sanitary measures as well as offering takeout, pick up or delivery. 

Here is the message from The Collective of Gastronomic and Tourism Industry Professionals of Yucatán:


In Mérida, the members of the Colectivo de Profesionales Gastronómicos y Turístico de Yucatan AC are ready to assist you during this crisis, with our restaurants operating with extreme hygiene measures and serving takeaway orders, here is the list of our members.


Support the local restaurant industry, do not let it be another victim of Covid19, look for local restaurants where we are taking hygienic measures to ensure you have a safe meal. 


Here is a list of MID CityBeat Recommended Restaurants click the name and it will take you to their Facebook. Be sure to check their Facebook for special promotions. 



Estación 72  coffee, breakfast, and lunch $ 

Basic Foodie Mérida Artisan Bakery & Cafe breakfast, lunch and coffee plus vegan food $ Delivery 

Flamantes Burgers some of the best burgers in town including veggie or vegan Delivery and Rappi 

Sukra Bar de Cafe  Mexican and healthy breakfast or lunch $ 

Bistro Cultural  French and Yucatecan breakfast and lunch fresh and super good! $ 

Escargot Rustico French and Mexican bakery and breakfast or lunch cafe $

Box Appetit  Excellent French and internationl breakfasts, crepes, lunch dinner $

La Libertad some awesome breakfast and lunch $$ 

Moniques Bakery  wholesome and natural breakfast, lunch, and breads   $  

Hennessey's Irish Pub  Best Irish pub in town great food $$  

Santi's Pizza pizzas and pastas Rappi 999 993 5726 / 287 7440 CHOLUL 

La Tradicion traditional Yucatecan food to pick up and soon inorder via Rappi 20% discount 

Il Piattino Italian food and 2 pastas for $159 pesos  order via Rappi 

Pancho Maiz  Mexican food, tortillas, oaxacan cheese lots of awesome choices 999 392 3687 Rappi

McDonalds all branches you know sometimes you have a big mac craving ;) on Rappi / Uber Eats



Escargot Rustico  Delivery service including bread packages check their FB for promotions 999 331 5135

Moniques Bakery  wholesome and natural breakfast, lunch, and breads   $ 

Euforia Cafe Italiana incredible Italian breads and pastries Pickup you can ask it to be brought to your car 999 423 1996

Soco Bakery THE BEST SOURDOUGH in town! Order ONLY...order bread by Thursday 9pm and pick it up on Saturday between 10am-1pm 999 458 2087 OR 999 458 0655


Beer /Wine

Amado By The Beer Box  lots of great microbrews 999 275 4343 $$ delivery 

Nación Brava  Uber Eats  best craft brewhouse delivery of  $$   999 899 34 86

Mezcal Divino Maguey  Mezcal to your door! 999 638-4407 OR 999 297 54 30  DELIVERY

La Castellana with Sommelier Toledo wine for delivery (2 bottles minimum for free delivery)! A large list of excellent wines 998 147 3781 DELIVERY 

Hermana Republica  Beer for delivery $25 per beer 999 944 0580 or 999 186 4660

Beer Planet free delivery of 6 pack or more 999 217 4794



 For Coffee grounds delivery: 

Marago Cafe closed for food but call for coffee grounds by the kilo for delivery 290 7289 or 999 960 0551

Tierra de Cafe they accept credit cards and electronic transfers and will delivery coffee beans to your door 999 955 1496

Tribu Cafe coffee from Oaxaca 777 438 1148 (she's also baking vegan banana, oats and cranberry muffins and brownies 


Sweets and Ice Creams for pickup or delivery:

 Papillon pastry shop at the Hyatt  incredible pastry shop $  AREA: CENTRO

Que Lado MID yummy ice creams and cold desserts like ice cream cakes and super good paletas AREA:  NORTH Rappi and Uber Eats


Butcher shop and meat cuts

Bak cortes finos/fine cuts  they will deliver to your door and have some great promotions



Slow Foods Options:

Eterno Gourmet for delivery only freezer meals, desserts and many delicious items gluten-free, sugar-free and keto friendly  Message them via their Facebook

Rancho Haltun Xiki organic lamb and pork. All lamb and pork is raised and process on their small farm, they are taking extrememly hygienic measures  999 127 2259

Mike Bone Gourmet Pizza delivery or pickup 999 169 9217


Specialty Items: 

Yumbab Xtabentun organic honey and honey anise liquear  excellent!! 999 968 1688


If you have any special slow food products that you want to buy you an also send a WhatsApp to 999 640 0765 to request he item. Minimum purchase of $150 and delivery charge $50 inside periferico.


Members Colectivo de Profesionales Gastronómicos y Turístico de Yucatan AC


Restaurante Katún Rappi and Uber Eats $$ 

Apoala Mexican Cuisine Oaxacan gourmet a town favorite  $$$  

Tatemar 999 518 3678  Oaxacan gourmet a town favorite $$$  

Voltacafé coffee, breakfast, sweets and lunch $$ 

130 Grados Steakhouse  Top notch steakhouse 999 429 5398 $$$ 

Cienfuegos - El fuego perfecto. Top notch steakhouse  $$$ 

Museo de la gastronomía yucateca  Yucatecan food at its best $$ 

Picheta $$ 

Querreke  Gastropub $$ 

Siqueff Restaurant  Tuesday to Sunday  999 925 5027  Rappi/UberEats excellent Lebanese food $$ 

 Eureka Cucina Italiana Excellent Italian food $$ 

Dal Baffo Ristorante Bar Italiano   9994344131  UberEats Authentic Italian food $$

La Recova Santa Lucía  Argentinian style steakhouse $$$ 

Almadía Mx  Seafood at Progreso  $$$ PROGRESO

Moliére Mérida great international food $$

Taqueria La Lupita  9999 246591 tacos and Yucatecan snack foods $ 

Micaela Mar y Leña  9995181702 incredible seafood $$$ 

Merci    San Angelo 9416886 Paseo 60 9488251 Rappi (a través de antojos) $$ 

 Hermana Republica  great international cuisine and microbrews  $$ 

K'u'uk Restaurant  9443377 gourmet the new Yucatecan cuisine $$$ 

Sensei Sushi  9440202  Rappi UberEats sushi $$ 

Kii'wik Restaurante 9440522  Rappi breakfast, coffee, lunch and bakery $$

La Recova Mérida - Steak House & Seafood Argentinian style steakhouse $$$ 

Cerveza Cuerno De Toro Microbrew  Home delivery without cost 12 pack or more 

Whatsapp: 999 223 9664

 Cerveza Novel Home delivery without cost after 12 bottles 

WhatsApp: 999 2165253

Kraken  9882300 awesome seafood in Caucel  $$ 

 Angry Angus Sucursal Centenario  9996679935 burgers! $$  

Food In the Time Of Covid19: 

Merida Restaurants Make Home Deliveries

MID CityBeat On the Merida Scene During the Covid-19 Crisis

Let's Continue to Support the Local Economy! --We are all in this together.

**Check the list below for all restaurants taking extreme precautions and making home deliveries.


As they say in Spanish "una mano lava la otra y las dos lavan la cara"-- very fitting in these times "One hand washes the other and they both wash the face" meaning...if we work together we can all survive this with the least amount of damage.


We have found ourselves in quite a dilemma with this virus that has basically taken over the world and told us that it is in charge until further notice. We are all trying to understand the severity, be smart and rational at the same time.


Like Thomas Zimmer said in his twitter account: "The weirdest part about living through the #Covid19 pandemic is this strange mixture of normalcy and emergency that we are all experiencing. I constantly feel that I am either over or underreacting, or really both at the exact same times, it's surreal."

He totally nailed it.  

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