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It’s hot in Merida just about every day of the year, finding good ice cream throughout the city should be everyone’s top priority.  And with more and more vegans in town, vegan ice cream is becoming very popular! Here I have come up with some great places to get a cold scoop of pure heaven that is vegan friendly.

Latte Quatto Sette Italian CafeThe Best Cappuccino in Town​

On my never-ending search to find great coffee in this town, Latte Quattro Sette is definitely one of our top picks.  This week we stopped by to have some incredible Illy coffee from Italy--one of the only places to serve Illy in town--and to indulge in freshly baked bread and pastries. Latte Quattro Sette is part of the Oliva group restaurants a locally owned Italian restaurant group that has three locations in town. It holds a reputation throughout the city as one of THE places to go for great authentic Italian and a nice evening out. At Oliva Enoteca Restaurant they have an incredible bakery and all of Latte Quattro Sette’s baked good come straight from Oliva’s oven every morning. The croissants and biscottis, which I use to dip into my cappuccino, are sinfully delicious, my Achilles heel. ​

Corleone A La Leña Delicious Pizzas, Pastas & Morein Francisco de Montejo

Corleone a la LEÑAMid CityBeat is really excited to tell you about Corleone, a pizza-pasta restaurant that we recently discovered hidden away in Francisco de Montejo in the north of Merida.The owners of Corleone a la LEÑA are husband and wife team Antonio and Viridiana, who came to Merida after leaving behind their lives in Guerrero and were inspired to join the growing gastronomy scene here in the White City. Now they have Corleone: Pizza, Pasta y Mas a la Leña. It’s a small, outdoors space with a stone oven and grill and a pizza and pasta menu based on how much fun one can have when making these foods.​

Oliva Al VoloDelicious Italian Food to Eat Here or to Go in Merida, Yucatan​

Oliva al VoloIn the heart of Paseo 60, the gleaming new complex on Calle 60 close to the Hyatt hotel, you’ll find a great variety of restaurants and food pop-ups with some of the biggest and most talked about names in town. A true highlight in Paseo 60 is Oliva al Volo which owners Stefano and Melissa opened in January 2019. In Italian, Al Volo means “on the run” which perfectly fits the theme of the 5th member of the Oliva family. Whether you’re looking for a family meal with options to please everyone, a place to bring your laptop and enjoy the open space, a quick bite before an evening meeting or a variety of food on your doorstep if you’re just in town for a couple of days, this is the perfect spot for you!​


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