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Foreign Insurance Accepted in Select Hospitals in Merida

The other day I stopped by Hospital Faro del Mayab, the newest specialty hospital in Merida. If you live in Merida, I am sure you have seen it on your way to the new shopping mall La Isla. It is a prominent multi-floor modern building and has been a point of curiosity for many a passer-by. After much anticipation, they are almost ready to open their doors and are fully equipped to offer a variety of medical services. I met with Chief Medical Director Jose Luis Araujo Barrera and he informed me that there are over 200 doctors and specialists at the hospital.  Nearly ninety of their doctors are fluent in English and several speak other languages. Their focus is to cater to all needs and demographics in Merida.​

Healthy Living Merida, Yucatan How Vero Molina Cured My Gastritis ​

This summer, I have been doing a “Steph Make-Over Summer”, which I think I will continue to do throughout the whole year because let’s face it—really every day we should be doing something to make ourselves over for better well-being. As part of my make-over, I contacted local nutritionist and healthy living influencer Vero Molina from Molinas Nutricion. Vero and her sister Fernanda have a nutrition practice on Prolongacion Montejo and they are a powerhouse team dedicated to educating people about health and happy living. I had met Vero at a breakfast for 100% Natural Restaurant when they were introducing their new menu to fitness and health influencers, and well...MID CityBeat. We hit it off right away while trying the different samples of whole wheat sandwiches and fruit platters, so I figured she would be the perfect person to help me jump start my make-over summer.

A Look into Holistic & Wellness Centers in Merida, Yucatan

This last month we explored holistic and wellness centers in Merida and its surroundings.  Balancing mind, body and spirit has become more and more part of the mainstream consciousness and there are many excellent options here to help people along their quest to live a holistic lifestyle. 


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