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Written by guest columnist Harriet Sleath


Somewhat hiding away to the side of the square at Parque Mejorada there is a very cute little bed and breakfast called the Piazzetta Hotel. I recently stumbled across it while visiting the Camino de Flores on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. There was nobody inside which is not usually something that attracts me to an establishment; however, I wanted to see what this welcoming spot had to offer. I actually ended up sitting in a rocking chair watching the world go by for about an hour.


It’s a very quiet café with a nice outdoor space and a chilled indoor atmosphere. There’s a real arty feel with many plants in mismatched pots, imperfect decorations, and colourfully written wall menus. The tables are nicely decorated with vibrant, floral cloths and there’s a snazzy cactus on each. I love it when a restaurant or café has a book corner. We live in a world where people will more often than not just sit and stare at their phones, even when they are not alone. Thus, any way that we can share books or reading material should be made good use of!


There’s a welcoming bar area for a refreshing drink which can be enjoyed while reclining in the garden area. It’s also possible to buy some homemade pastries from baskets by the bar, either to consume in the restaurant or to take away (or eat in your hotel room, should you be staying the night). There’s also the most chilled out cat you will ever meet. I find cats beautifully peaceful (when they are not searching for scraps in the rubbish bins) and I will always return to a place where it’s possible for me to relax while stroking a cat.


The hotel itself appears charming and quiet, far enough away from the bustling centre but close enough that it would only take you 10-15 minutes to walk to the cathedral and the Plaza Grande. While residents of Mérida might not be interested in the hotel, it’s definitely worth visiting the Piazzetta café.


Need to know info:

Opening hours: Always Open

Address: Calle 50-A 493A, Centro

Contact: 999 923 3909


Also a very nice hotel

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