Meaning: I miss you stranger Contemporary Kitchen

This is a great spot to have a nice, quiet breakfast, lunch or dinner or even just go, as I did, for a cup of coffee and read or write. The menu was designed by chef Joaquin Cardoso from Mexico City and Sofia Cortina. The executive chef in charge is Rene Martinez from Cozumel. The menu is light and fresh and the desserts are heavenly dangerous.




There are three gallery spaces and the featured artists are Carlos Martinez Trujillo, Jason Kriegler and Roberto Diaz. Trujillo's exposition is in the showroom El Encuentro and the exhibition is called "Tintas" (inks). This exposition is a study of encrypted aesthetics and the intentions and details which emerge from controlled chaos.  He works with ink and lets it naturally take form on the paper. The pieces are intriguing and many look like there are eyes on the paper staring back at you. He leaves us with this quote: " The eyes that see everything, don't look at themselves". 


Jason Kriegler's exhibition is in the showroom El Encanto and here he exhibits his paper embroidery paintings with abstract exteriors and shapes, line and texture. He describes his love for storytelling through his art and has a deep interest in tribal stories told through textiles. His exhibition is thought-provoking and definitely worth seeing.


Roberto Diaz shows his work along the staircase heading up to Imox Boutique. This is the Sala de Arte Emergente. Diaz just graduated from the ESAY, Yucatan state fine arts university, and his series is called  

“Disincronía”, anachronistic, which was inspired by the urban street life. It's a reflection of the power that paintings have in representing the strength and energy of urban life. 


Imox Curated Boutique 


Upstairs you find a very chic boutique which I, and most of the women at the event, was very impressed with. I hope to go back soon for the fabulous red dress I tried on...I digress.  This is a boutique which features clothes, jewelry,  and natural organic cosmetics from designers all over Mexico. This idea is to show the eccentric essence of Mexico. Imox means in Maya, all things hidden and secret. In this shop, you will definitely find some hidden treasures.  A great place to gently remind your loved one where to shop for a Christmas gift. 

For more information about Lagalá 56 you can go to: 


Instagram: @lagala_merida

Lagala 56

Merida's elegant new cultural center

Written by Stephanie Carmon 

Photos by Elias Medina


In the evening of Wednesday, October 24th, Lagalá 56 officially opened its doors to give a small public an idea of the many fascinating things planned for the cultural center. This was a multi-national evening where the guests were able to wander the premises and learn about what this center has to offer. Gino Osorno and The Dreamers graced the evening with their jazz ensemble and guests mingled with vino, getting to know the place and meeting new and old friends. This center is the newest addition to what I am currently calling Merida's hot spot for gastronomy and culture: the neighborhood right off the remate which is Calle 47 between 56 and 52. 



Lagalá 56


Lagalá 56 is an elegantly trendy cultural center; they have three gallery showrooms, a restaurant cafe, an outdoor patio for events, a contemporary boutique and a workshop room where they will be offering different classes in art and culture. 

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