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Jorge Jacas  


A plastic artist from Cuba, Jacas has had more than 80 exhibitions and his work is part of the patrimonial collection at the National Museum of Contemporary Ceramics (Havana, Cuba). His work can also be found in private and government collections in Cuba and in more than twenty countries. He has given conferences and courses in Holland, Brussels, Mexico, and Cuba. He was awarded the best Ceramic Design in the International Fair Expo of the Caribbean in 2005 and is the recipient of multiple awards in the Biennial of Ceramics Amelia Peláez as well as many more. 


The works that Jacas will present have a message of union, reflection, and peace. The first piece “Para Dos” (For Two) is a ceramic representation of two people intertwined and emanates the feeling of religious bonds, and reflection. In his other works, he examines the synthesis of cultures that give origin to our civilization, customs, and languages.  He also explores the theme of fate and the situations in life that connect or separate us as well as the topic of secret or hidden love, showing how each person deserves respect and love.

Ihovany Abreu


Having graduated in 2007, Ihovany Abreu has won two first prizes in painting in the II Salon Provincial Martiano and in the International of Plastic Arts Cuba-Asturias.  He has been a resident artist at SoHo Galleries for several years and also teaches drawing and painting at the House of Culture in his hometown of Caimito, Cuba.


Exhibition at SoHo Galleries 2019 “Los Laberintos de Eva”


The art in this series expose the role of women as an individual and the struggle they face trying to find their way amongst the pressure of a society that does not give them equal rights. In these contemporary times, the demoralization of the feminine still exists. In his piece, The Labyrinth of Eva, he shows how our perception of women has been a problem since the ancient time of Genesis. Eve is a woman whose image is constantly changing throughout history. She is an archetype wrapped in loneliness and the daily routine. She is represented in many ways, some with a lost look in her eyes or confusion, while other interpretations are that of a rebel, dark, seductive, cursed with fleeting beauty and carrying the weight of sin.

Yasser Garcia Rittoles


Yasser is a plastic figurative artist from Cuba whose technique is mixed mediums on canvas. He has had several art exhibitions both in Cuba and in other countries, including the USA, Belgium, and Portugal. In 1999, he was awarded the Prize of Popularity in the 6th National Competition of the Unknown Designer, Pabellon Cuba. 


José Luis Rodríguez Alonso (JOC)

JOC paints with acrylic on canvas and is a pop artist from Cuba. He has had several art exhibitions in Cuba. His works will be on display for the first time at SoHo Galleries



Roniel Llerena Andrade 

Roniel is a figurative sub-realist artist from Cuba.  He has exhibited his work extensively throughout Cuba and in other countries including Colombia and the USA. He has celebrated a long career in the arts and was awarded a prize for donating a sculpture at José Martí Park, in commemoration of the 156th anniversary of Martí’s birth. This is his first time with SoHo Galleries.




For more information, you can go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/664463920702283/


Also SoHo Galleries will be hosting a dinner on Sept 26th with some of the artists. It is $600 pesos and requires a reservation. For more info: 



A Social Exhibition 

SoHo Galleries


On September 28th at 7:30pm SoHo Galleries, Calle 60 between 43 and 41 in the Centro of Merida, Yucatan,  will be presenting “Resistance” A Sociocultural Exhibition. This will be a special night where Cuban artists come together to explore their creative interpretation of resistance to the social and political injustices faced by so many. They touch on topics of love, gender equality, race as well as the laws and prejudices that keep people mentally and emotionally shackled.


SoHo Galleries is at the cutting edge of art and culture and this exhibit will convey each artist’s vision of confronting the grievances they have faced in their own lives in Cuba. While this exhibit features all Cuban artists, the theme of resistance is one we are all familiar with through our own personal struggles or by being witness to universal human experience of iniquity and abuse.  It also seems to be quite timely because on September 19-21 the World Peace Summit will be held in Merida. Many of the world's leaders in peace and justice will be gathering here in an effort to continue the movement against repression and exploitation. The exhibit at SoHo will be a powerful interpretation of how the human spirit will not be defeated by intolerance.

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