He firsts imagines what images he will create.  Then he carefully selects and

cleans black sheet metal in acid.  He uses an enamel is specially made so that there is strong adhesion when enameling.   Each piece is unique and takes hours upon hours to create. They are a fusion of abstract and figurative, all with an industrial feel. 


Alejandro will be at the gallery for Noche Blanca explaining his creative process.  


Friday, December 13th starts at 8 PM and includes music by Cuban Flautist Carlos Sago.


Saturday, December 14th, 8 PM will feature local singer and keyboardist Dave Bloom. 


SoHo Galleries   400A Calle 60 x 43 y 41 Centro 

For the FB event go to: 


SoHo Galleries Noche Blanca Presents 

Vivid Moments Exhibition-Works on MetaL

Mexico City artist Alejandro Flores Horta will be at SoHo  Galleries’ Featured Artist for Noche Blanca December Friday 13th and Saturday 14th,  2019


This is the first exhibition of its kind in Merida.  Alejandro’s works are created on metal with layers of enamel baked under intense heat multiple times.  With each pass, he adds and scratches out colors revealing images that are truly mesmerizing. In Alejandro’s own words:


“I take away what I don’t want and bake it again. Every time I add a layer of color, I have to bake it again.  The process is then repeated: let cool, apply color, let dry, remove what I don’t want and bake, until I get the final piece.


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