Landscaping your Tropical Garden​ in Yucatan

By Nik Jameson  You’ve found the perfect house and furnished it with the perfect style and you are enjoying the warm weather as you get used to your Yucatecan life. However, every time you go outside into your garden you burn under the sun and lament at the rocky yard and the sharp grasses of the Peninsula. Merida is a harsh climate for growing and landscaping but not an impossible one. 

A Gringa’s Love Affair with Merida, Yucatan

By Stephanie Carmon When locals ask me if I like living in Merida, I tell them yes, I love it here; I feel like it is my home. They just smile and tell me I must have drunk the “agua del pozo”; the well water. I often ponder what exactly it is about this town. I know it is definitely not the 40 degree celsius heat (104 fahrenheit) or the what is it? Why is it that I feel so at home? Why am I perfectly content to wander the streets endlessly? Why do I sometimes leave my house feeling consumed by personal problems and return from my walk in the heat, exhausted and sweaty yet feeling inspired and hopeful? 

Six Ways to Stay Cool in Merida during the Hot Summer Months​

It’s that time of year again. The cool winter months of December and January are a distant memory once again as we enter the hot and humid months of the dry season. This is the time when you hop from air conditioned vehicle to air conditioned building, when you come out of the shower and you’re sweating again within minutes, when you put ice in your drink only for it to melt in seconds. So below I have come up with some official Mid CityBeat advice on how to stay cool during this toasty time.​

Five ALMOST Free Things to Do in Merida, Yucatan

By Harriet Sleath Mérida is a city that has so much to offer, so many surprises and hidden gems to be uncovered. She’s a city full of heart and character. From the colourful streets to the people who live here. There is always, always, something going on in and around Mérida and, what’s even better, is many of these won’t break the bank. Here are Mid CityBeat’s recommendations for 5 almost free activities which you can do in the White City at any time of year.​


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