Twelve of our favorite dining spots in Merida.


Piñuela Merida


Piñuela is located on Calle 60 right across from Peon Contreras Theater. It's always a treat to eat here and this year it was nominated in Food & Travel 2019 for Best Restaurant in a Hotel in the Interior part of Mexico. Piñuela is a great choice to eat downtown. The food is delicious and the atmosphere very cool and posh. It is an incredible place for food and mixology and a must-visit if you are just coming into town or if you are a foodie looking for great food in Merida! The cuisine is Mexican vanguard cuisine taking the flavors of Mexico and combing them with international dishes.

Open everyday 7am-Midnight




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Siqueff Restaurant 


A favorite Lebanese restaurant of three generations, Siqueff will definitely not disappoint! It originally started in Motul in the 1930's and Don Jorge Farid Siqueff Febles created the famous huevos motuleños dish and sauce which he made for governor-elect Felipe Carrillo Puerto. They have earned a spot in all Yucatecan hearts and in many foreigner's as well. They not only have traditional Lebanese dishes but also some great breakfast and lunch options including some Lebanese breakfast dishes and other Yucatecan and international specials.
One of our favorite spots for quality food and tradition.

They have 3 locations. 


Calle 60 between 37 and 35 open from 8-6pm

Paseo 60 open from 1pm-12 midnight

Siqueff Norte-Av. Andres García Lavin No. 349
Plaza Luxury Open 8am-6pm


For more info check:

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K'u'uk Restaurant


K'u'uk Restaurant in Itzimna, Merida. This is a unique fine dining experience that everyone must try if living or coming to Merida. The food is spectacular and the ambiance set in a beautiful 19th Century home that belonged to a prominent Henequen family The Peons. They have top of the line mixology and their food is 100% Yucatecan, but with a twist of vanguardist culinary techniques. Chef Pedro Evia and his business partner Eduardo Rukos are visionaries and creative minds who bring the diner an intriguing dining experience. 


Winner of several national and international awards including:

Food & Wine Magazine’s 100 Restaurants in the world worth a pilgrimage

2013 Travel & Leisure Gourmet Awards

2013 - No. 1 New Restaurant in Mexico Travel & Leisure Gourmet Award

2014, it was nominated for Best tasting menu in Mexico Travel & Leisure Gourmet Awards.

2019 winner of Mexico Food & Travel's Best Restaurant in the Interior of Mexico

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Tintorera -Bar Marino


This is a great seafood restaurant in San Angelo plaza by City Center.  We had a fabulous lunch there not too long ago. We started with a tuna ceviche with beet sauce and then had the sikil pak (traditional Yucatecan squash seed dip) with shrimp! We then tried shrimp and octopus risotto that was so sinfully creamy and flavorful. Then the chef surprised us with cazuela of octopus, shrimp and cheese accompanied by tortillas. For dessert a panna cotta with pineapple, coconut and nuts. Really we enjoyed every minute of our lunch.

They have also great wine menu and a full bar.

If you head up north I would definitely give this restaurant a try.



Catrin is a fun and colorful restaurant with a Mexican menu from all over the Republic. They are a botanero with means their meals are small and meant to be shared.  The menu consist of meats, soups, elaborated vegetables and all hot dishes are served on a cast iron plate. They are smaller portions and the best is to order many plates to be shared among friends and family. There are nine cold appetizers and fourteen hot appetizers to choose from as well as a selection of main dishes, soups and desserts. The variety is impressive and the dining experience in Catrin exposes the patron to a world of Mexican savor.


Catrin also serves as a trendy place to hang out and have some drinks with friends in the patio area. The bar specializes in cocktails and has a variety of spirits and beers to choose from. As mentioned before, there is a stunning mural outside and Marcos has attractive events planned for the outside patio. It’s a festive ambiance and as a group of friends and I discovered the other night, it invites the diner to stay not for just a meal, but for a long evening of great food, cocktails and laughs with friends.



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Zinc Comfort Food 


One of Merida’s newest restaurants with European and international cuisine and some of grandmas recipes from a small town in France. It's a great location and great menu. You’ll find dishes on the menu that you will find nowhere else in Merida. They also have a great wine list and is a nice spot to go for happy hour. 

It’s a perfect location on Paseo de Montejo between 43 and 45. Really one of the best views on Paseo. Definitely the new place to check out!



Teya --Gastronomia Yucateca Viva


This is the newest addition to the Hacienda Teya brand in Centro, Merida a trendy new plaza called Paseo 60.  Teya Viva takes the traditional Yucatecan food from the original hacienda and adds a touch of city life sophistication. They have new additions to the menu from Chef Roberto Solis and there is something for everyone including vegan options. It is a place to find some excellent Yucatecan food. The wine list and mixology is also impressive. They have created a super trendy chic place that has become one of our favorite hangouts. 

For more information check out their Facebook page here:



Nectar restaurant is a pioneer in the fine dining restaurants in Yucatan and opened his doors 27 years ago. It is definitely a place to put on your list for must-visit fine dining. Chef Roberto Solis is one of the precursors of the modern Yucatecan cuisine and has made his mark on the culinary scene as a vanguardist combining traditional flavors with contemporary techniques. He is one of the most celebrated chefs in Yucatan as well as abroad.






Sanbravo presents more than just its trendy sophisticated ambiance. It is a seafood and steakhouse with a mean mixology cart that passes by your table every time they see you have finished your drink. The food is exceptional and Chef Christian Bravo is at the top of his game. He participated in the first season of NBC’s Top Chef Mexico and has worked in several different restaurants in Spain with one, two or three Michelin stars including Coque restaurant in Madrid and Las Golondrinas in Seville. It's a great place to get top quality meat and a mean steak. The seafood variety is also impressive and you can't leave there without trying the desserts!



Check out Stephanie Carmon's article here:

Micaela Mar y Leña


One of the culinary hot spots and is becoming a local favorite.  Run by Chef Vidal Elias Murillo and his partner Alberto Nacif Figueroa,  it’s a seafood and wood-fired kitchen with a flare of cajun.  And it boasts of Merida’s first oyster bar.  Michaela is located on what I am now officially calling “Merida’s Culinary Row” (Calle 47 between 56 and 52) because of all the great restaurants on that strip of road.  As you walk in you can feel the warmth of the atmosphere; it has a soulful and down-home energy with a hint of urban chic and New Orleans.​ 


A big part of the menu is seafood, ceviches, some meats, and a wood-fired kitchen. In honor of her father, they have included flavors from New Orleans in some dishes. They have dishes named after the people in Micaela’s life such as “Don Anselmo Simon’s Fish”.  Simon is an Arabic last name; therefore, they prepare it using Arabic culinary influences such as ginger and tahini. The plates are big so you can share with family and friends. Chef Vidal makes everything in house including the breads, jarred pickled foods, and sauces. Their desserts are well thought out, and very refreshing. Micaela is a nanny who takes care of you, who gives you affection, who spoils you and feeds you. This is the heart and soul of Micaela Mar y Leña.



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Oliva Patio


Just the other day we at at Oliva Patio with a large group of friends and I enjoyed a spaghetti carbonara and a carefree amount of vino tinto. We stayed late into the night, losing ourselves in the light of the flickering candles and absorbed in our animated—and modestly scandalous—conversation. It was a memorable night, one of those where while reminiscing you can hear Dean Martin playing in the background music of your imagination. Oliva Patio belongs to the Oliva Enoteca group as well and has a similar menu of incredible Italian dishes and flavors. They offer antipastos, pastas, gnocchi, plus meat or seafood dishes. Also the desserts are to die for.  The ambiance is super chic and they have an outdoor patio. Highly recommended!



Check out Stephanie Carmon's article here:

Oliva Enoteca


Oliva Enoteca is an authentic upscale Italian dining experience that boasts an award-winning wine list. The ambiance is cool industrial chic and you can see the kitchen from the first floor.  They do an incredible variety of anitpasto, homemade pastas, meat and seafood dishes. My personal favorite is their grilled octopus, it's absolutely perfect. They have a killer bakery that also supplies their coffee shop across the street Latte Quattro Sette. It's a restaurant that invites one to stay late into the evening sipping on wine and having great conversation with friends. 



Article by Stephanie Carmon editor and director of MID CityBeat

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