Lastest Exhibition at Ya'ax Boutique Hotel Abstracciones y Espacio​

On Thursday June 28th, one of Merida´s newest and most elegant colonial hotels, Ya´ax Hotel Boutique inaugurated Abstracciones y Espacio, an art exhibition featuring works from Heriko Delfin, Cynthia Díaz Oviedo “Cyntika” y María Teresa Molina Escamilla “Moet”. Owner Farid Estrada constructed this hotel, situated on Calle 57 between 52 and 54, with the concept of maintaining its rich history part of which was its existence as an art gallery. (Go here for an in-depth article about the history and development of Ya’ ax) For his latest exhibit, Estrada invited these artists to display their series of expressionist and abstract painting. It is a wonderful explosion of color elaborated with a highly laborious technique which stands out against the grey-hued background of the walls constructed with the adhesive resin of the Mayan chocum tree.


Heriko Delfin, a Veracruz native living in Merida, Yucatan, is a celebrated painter who creates mostly expressionist style artwork. He shows his artwork at Soho Galleries on Calle 60 and 43 in the Centro and now at Ya´ax Hotel Boutique; his paintings have been sold both nationally and internationally. His technique fascinates because he developed a method he calls tinta quemada ®—burnt ink. It’s a process where he uses ink, hot air and catalysts to achieve vibrant deep colors on the canvas. However, challenge presents itself when he works with burnt ink because it dries quickly. Therefore, in order to finish the painting with the intense complexity characteristic of Delfin’s work, he must sometimes work more than 24 hours non-stop. He can’t let the ink dry.


A Costa Rican living in Merida, artist Cynthia Díaz Oviedo “Cyntika”´s style is usually more figurative, costumbrismo, and realist.   Nevertheless, for this project she tried something new following the guide of Delfin.  In her work she decided to use oil and ink—though not burnt ink; and you can see the difference in the distinct hues of the pieces in comparison to those of Delfin.  She found this technique freeing in that it allowed her to explore the beauty and peace of flowing circular hand-strokes. She explains that it felt as though the hand had a mind of its own tracing the universe and devising a poem of colors.


Moet, also from Veracruz, has been living in Merida since 1991. She experiments with various techniques and exponents of painting. She found that while working in abstract art she is able to express her passion and profound feelings of existence. For this project she also works under the guidance of Delfin in order to create a cohesive, fluid arrangement that fits each wall and corner of Ya´ax Boutique.It’s a stunning exhibit and I encourage all who are close to the Centro to check it out!


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